Permaculture is where the needs and aspirations of people are met within the natural characteristics of their place. Permaculture is a holistic design approach integrating regenerative earth stewardship techniques with resilient lifestyles and livelihoods, in order to safeguard ecological systems and promote cooperative, abundant and vital communities.

On behalf of Toru Education Trust, we are excited to announce the 2019 Permaculture Design Course, to be jointly held at Hanawera and the Waihoanga Centre in Otaki. The 15 day live-in course is limited to 20 participants; first in, first served. Enrol now! 


Internationally recognised and taught by a number of highly qualified and experienced teachers who are affiliated with PiNZ (Permaculture in New Zealand), the certificate course is dynamic and interactive. It involves lectures, discussions, design exercises, practical activities, field trips, group work and a personal project and presentation.

Course content includes:


  • Introduction to permaculture principles and ethics

  • Guidelines and strategies for sustainable living

  • Connection to nature and place

  • Recognizing ecosystem patterns and relationships

  • Introduction to biodynamics and astronomy

  • Maori food politics, place and power

  • Hua Parakore: a kaupapa Maori approach to growing

  • Nourishing body, mind and spirit, personal well being

  • Home gardening: from living soil to nourishing food

  • Water – essence of life

  • Appropriate technology: energy, tools and buildings

  • Earth building materials and methods

  • Waste and recycling

  • Culture transformation and natural economics

  • Design methods and presentation

  • Creating resilient and healthy communities

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